Man takes extreme measures to find stolen wallet, if you knew what’s inside you’d do the same!

There are some incredible people on our planet and Jimmy Gilleece is one of them.

Jimmy is the owner of a bar called Jimmy’s at Red Dogs.

A few weeks ago he received a message from a woman, who lost her wallet at his bar that contained her $10,000 wedding ring in it.

Jimmy was quick to help and looked through the video footage of their security cameras.

Luckily the cameras captured a man taking the wallet, that was left on a bench near the bar.

Jimmy shared the image of the thief on social media while the woman reported the wallet as stolen to the Police Department.

With the help of the locals, Jimmy found the thief who happened to be 19-year-old Jacob Prather.

At that time Jacob was living in the forest so he took the wallet because he was hungry and had no money for food. After taking the cash, he threw the wallet away into a nearby river.

Most people would have left the rest to the police and be done with it, but not Jimmy.

He actually tracked Jacob down and when he found the young teen, he explained the entire story.

Needless to say, Jacob felt horrible about the situation and agreed to help in any way he could.

Jimmy then hired divers to look for the wallet.

To everyone’s surprise, they actually found the wallet!

and the ring was still inside!

After finding out about the hardships that the young teen was going through, Gilleece took Jacob into his home and helped him find a job.

Now Jacob works two jobs and can’t believe his luck and the generosity of Jimmy and his family

I think it’s fair to say that we need more amazing people like Jimmy. What do you think folks?