Cops uncover a school janitor with a secret double life that will disturb you!

Living in the city is hard.

For John and his three brothers, they were ready to do great things despite coming from a small town.

As the eldest, it was John’s responsibility to path the way.

Unfortunately, he could not find better job opportunities because he didn’t even finish high school.

“I was a janitor for years because I didn’t have any skills or certificates, I’m bad at communication and I’m often scared of crowds,” John said, as he was awarded the top real estate agent.

John says he is forever grateful to his friend James, for introducing him to the world of real estate.

“(Real estate) was never my dream, but I love learning and improving my life,” he said when James asked him to join him in Toronto.

John was immediately taken out of his comfort zone. He acknowledged that the early stages of becoming a real estate agent was difficult due to his inability to communicate effectively with his clients.

But there were more challenges apart from that.

“Sometimes I did not even have money for gas, it was hard to meet my clients,” laughs John.

But he kept pushing. He took evening classes in public speaking and managed to improve his networking skills. John finally managed to achieve success with determination.

“The journey was and is difficult but I had to overcome it to succeed.”

He compared his journey to becoming a top real estate agent in his company to riding a bicycle.

“You can not stop, otherwise you will surely fall. So, you have to keep on riding.”

For those who have just started in the real estate market, John advises; “Do not give up, know your weak points and strengthen them, work hard and you will achieve your dreams too!”

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